Parkway Local Schools


Parkway Local Schools, located at 400 Buckeye St, Rockford, is a single PreK-12 building.  The 235,000 square feet single story school was built in 2006.  The district covers approximately 160 square miles with farming and agriculturally related businesses dominating the area.  However, many residents work in industrial plants and factories in the surrounding areas.
The Parkway Local Schools is home to nearly 1100 Parkway Panther students.  The elementary school wing houses PreK-4, the middle school wing houses 5-8 and the high school wing houses 9-12.  In addition to two spectator gyms, and two commons areas for dining, Parkway also has a large auditorium for community use and added agricultural and industrial tech rooms.


The Panther students can participate in a variety of extra-curricular activities as well as many Ohio High School Athletic Association athletics.


The Superintendent, Treasurer and Administrators can be reached at 419-363-3045 or visit our website at