Ray's Refrigeration, Inc.

Ray's Refrigeration, Inc.
  • 700 N Second Street
  • Coldwater, OH, 45828
  • 419-678-8711
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Ray's Refrigeration, Inc. has been locally owned and operated since 1946. Ray's has built a widespread reputation for superior quality, competitive pricing and service that is simply second to none. Licensed and fully insured, we are an established, reliable and experienced geothermal, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning contractor and appliance store. 

Ray's Refrigeration, Inc. offers a complete installation department with professional installers trained in residential, commercial and industrial equipment. We maintain a fully equipped sheet metal shop that can design and fabricate all types of sheet metal duct work.

Qualities we look for in our employees are as follows: 



Strong work ethic

Excellent social skills

Eager to learn