Mercer County Engineer

Mercer County Engineer
  • 4884 Mud Pike
  • Celina, OH, 45822
  • 419-586-7759

The Mercer County Engineer's Office is responsible for maintaining and improving the 385 miles of County roadways and the 381 Bridges on the Mercer County local roads. The County Engineer is the Engineer for the Township Trustees in all of the Mercer County Townships and the Engineer works closely with the Townships on Township roadway maintenance and improvement.

We are a multi-faceted engineering agency covering all phases of local road and transportation development. Some of the more significant areas of our efforts consist of Survey and Design, Road Maintenance and Reconstruction, Bridge and Culvert Construction, Drainage Improvements and Snow & Ice Control.


  • Monday thru Friday: 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM

Note: During the construction season (Apr.-Sept.) the operations employees work a 4-ten hour day schedule from 6:30 AM to 5:00 PM (Mon.-Thurs.)

Departments and Services


  • Long range planning and engineering
  • Roadway design
  • Bridge and culvert design
  • Drainage Design
  • Right-of-way Aquisition
  • Surveying and Engineering for public improvements on both county and township roads

Construction and Inspection

  • Administration of all capital improvement contracts, including bridge and roadway construction and the annual pavement resurfacing program
  • Inspection, measurement, and documentation of all pay items
  • Adherence to Bid specifications and plans
  • Prepares partial and final payments to all contractors
  • Utility Coordination and Relocation -- Gas and water lines, telephone and electric conduit, television, cable, and sanitary sewers
  • Reviews and issues utility and driveway permits
  • Annual Bridge Field Inspection and Bi-Annual Culvert Inspection

Operations and Maintenance

  • Road and Bridge Maintenance -- Ditching and drainage, culvert installation, pavement markings, pothole patching, bridge repair, berm work, guardrail repair, mowing, brush and weed control, snow and ice control
  • Emergency Maintenance -- Storm damage, downed trees, high water and flooding problems, and debris
  • Traffic Operations -- Maintenance of traffic signs and pavement markings, and collection of traffic data throughout the County
  • Fleet Maintenance -- Maintenance and upgrade of on- and off-road vehicles and equipment
  • Safety -- Training of personnel on safety procedures to ensure compliance with OSHA regulations
  • Railroad crossings
  • Building and grounds upkeep

Development Services

  • Engineering review for Mercer County Regional Planning Commission on new subdivision developments
  • Inspects construction of new subdivision streets -- Storm sewers, storm water management systems, road and bridge design, soil and erosion control measures, and traffic control

Administration and Finance

  • Records -- Permanent copies of all road and bridge plans, maps, aerial photos, benchmarks, and land records (Public access to these records is always available)
  • Budgets and Payroll -- Management of annual budget, including anticipation of fiscal needs and assessment of revenue availability in order to balance spending while developing schedule of infrastructure projects
  • Public Information -- Coordination of project and construction information, media relations, and management of this web site. Development of Annual Report and Official Mercer County Transportation Map

Mercer County Engineer is an Equal Opportunity Employer.