Mercer County Commissioners

Mercer County Commissioners
  • 220 W. Livingston St., A201
  • Celina, OH, 45822
  • 419-586-3178
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The Board of County commissioners is the general administrative body for county government. Due to the myriad of responsibilities, the county commissioner must possess characteristics to lead, to visualize, to collaborate – all in an effort to improve the community in which we live.

The Board is the primary taxing and appropriating authority. As such, the Board adopts the annual tax budget, levy taxes, adopts an annual appropriation for most county offices and approve most county expenditures.

Many citizens believe the County Commissioners have authority over elected officials; the Board of County Commissioners works in cooperation with these officials; however, you (the public) are their true boss. The Board of County Commissioners has overall responsibility for the administration of the following county offices: Economic Community Development, Job and Family Services, Child Support Enforcement Agency, Workforce Innovative and Opportunity Act, Emergency Medical Service, Emergency Management Agency, Sanitary Department, Solid Waste, County Home, Dog Warden, and the maintenance department. A department supervisor has been appointed by the County Commissioners for each of these departments.