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West Ohio Community Action Partnership
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One out of every six Ohioans lives in poverty in cities, suburbs and rural towns.
These Ohioans are children, parents and elderly you see everyday. Some have college educations or have served in the military. Many have never needed assistance before now and need help. Many individuals are just one catastrophic event away from not being able to pay their bills, whether it’s from losing a job, getting injured or an illness.

Hand Up
WOCAP helps low income people in your community who are struggling to make ends meet become self-sufficient. With a broad range of programs that address issues such as hunger, education, employment and housing, we give people the tools to improve their lives.

WOCAP provides the resources and assistance to help them, help themselves to a better life. Our communities need the assistance offered now more than ever. In Allen County, the area with the highest population, 16.1% (16,228 people) of this population lives below the poverty line, which is higher than the national average of 14%.

Necessary Help
Without our services, many residents would not be given the chance to achieve economic independence for themselves and their families. By increasing economic independence within each community, each community benefits by having members that are more productive, responsible and economically viable.

In short, children, parents, families and the elderly you see everyday have lives that are bettered and changed because of what we do every day. In addition to helping to give hope to those who would not otherwise have it, we provide an opportunity for a better way, a better outcome and a better resource than what some might turn to with no other alternative.

Our why is to provide the resources to help people choose a better way, every day.