Hemmelgarn & Sons, Inc.

Hemmelgarn & Sons, Inc.
  • 3763 Philothea Road
  • Coldwater, OH, 45828
  • 419-678-2351

At Hemmelgarn & Sons, we produce farm-fresh eggs from west central Ohio to your table.  We take pride in putting the very best product on the road to you.  But we know that it's our people who make this possible.

Our workers know what a premium we place on quality and food safety.  Our producers, who gather the eggs that come from Hemmelgarn-owned hens, are a large part of the success of our business.  Hemmelgarn & Sons President Ron Gross, assumed the reins of the company in 1990 .  It takes finesse and planning to get the eggs from the producer to the consumer as quickly as possible, a job that has become more demanding.  Working with a commodity that is both perishable and breakable is always a challenge, Gross said.

"This business is all about service and quality" Gross said "Our best salesman is our last load of eggs that we delivered.  If there are no complaints and no customer issues, they're going to buy another load from us.  I tell our people all the time, we don't need to be the biggest - just the best."