Valence Industrial

Valence Industrial
  • 1661 Saint Marys Avenue
  • Sidney, OH, 45365
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We are the fusion of JR Buck LLC, located in Lexington, KY and HB Products LLC, situated in Sidney, OH – two family-owned companies with common goals: To have the engineering prowess to make your concept tangible. All while providing exceptional, precise, cutting edge solutions. 

Chuck Pisciotta combined the two factories in Sep, 2020 when he acquired them. He helped to bring Accenture public which now has ½ million employees: along with growing Laserflex to $25M and selling it to Ryerson Steel in 2017. He invested fast in us – brought inventory system into the cloud, bought a new $1M Trumpf laser so we can insource any processes that we hear a demand for from customers, big focus on digital marketing to illustrate our engineering capabilities and roadmap to invest in more engineering & machine capabilities in next year.

Both factories have been around for 20+ years. We have customers that vary from auto (Honda, Toyota, Mazda, Airstream) to construction/industrial/electric (Rockwell, Crane, Clark, Schneider Electric) and complex projects like developing medical devices (Hil-Rom)


  • Sidney Location: 1661 St Marys Ave Rd, Sidney, OH 45365
  • Lexington Location: 600 Adcolor Dr, Lexington, KY 40511

Overall, we specialize in: 

Designing from print/concept to part with manufacturers designers who focus on application, most interested in doing go-and-sees to see where potential pitfalls could come in:

  • prototype
  • reverse engineer
  • rework 
  • refurbish
  • short & long run capabilities with 79,000 square feet
  • custom shop - design and produce to customer specifications

With 60k fab shops out there, we win because we’re better at quality control and creative out of the box thinking >> marriage of metal fabrication and machining. 

Sidney, OH specializes in:

  • Longer runs - $500k+ w/ medical device manufacturers, inventory mgmt. with 6000+ orders for pharmaceutical temperature control companies, etc.
  • Laser fabrication with a new $1M Trumpf 8000-watt laser that cuts 1” thick hot rolled steel and 1 and 1/16” stainless steel
  • Cosmetic welding capabilities >> True artform when it comes to welding with AWS Certified Weld Inspectors on staff

Lexington, KY specializes in:

  • Inventory management with 1-50 order volumes of end of arm tooling
  • 1 – 300 unit orders generally
  • Heavier focus on customized material handling - racks, carts, dollies, pallets  
  • With other complex prototyping and reworking projects like robotic end of arm and end of arm tooling (e.g. International Crankshaft customer)