Industrial Recyclers

Industrial Recyclers
  • 2640 Campbell Rd.
  • Sidney, OH, 45365
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We are a growing company that helps keep waste out of landfills by providing a full cycle for used plastic materials to be reused.  We recycle for Industrial companies and expect our employees to work hard and efficiently.  We strive to make recycling easy for our customers so that it does not become burdonsome for them.  We use equipment to help ease the task of the employees and expect our employees to utilize their skills to be as efficient as possilbe.  We reward the use of these skills with the mindset that if you can make the company money then that is how you earn your wage and justify rate increases.  We look forward to motivated individuals that are willing to go the extra mile to get the work done that is needed to meet deadlines and production needs.  We are a family oriented company and try to work with employees and their families needs so that they can earn a good wage and still be devoted to their families.  Please submit your resume and we would be happy to set up an interview.  

The necessities of the job would include:

     Able to show up to work on time every day

     Capacity to lift heavy objects throughout the course of the day

     Desire to work efficiently

We are a small company that is growing quickly and welcome individuals that would like to take a leadership role within the company as well.