Rising Sun Express LLC

Rising Sun Express LLC
  • 1003 S Main St, PO Box 610
  • Jackson Center, OH, 45334
  • 937-596-6167
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About the Company

Rising Sun Express is a 48-state dry van truckload carrier operating its one terminal since 1984 in Jackson Center, Ohio with 50 trucks, 100 dry van trailers and 3 reefer trailers.  Safety is a priority with on-line training, in-person meetings, newsletters, company memos and one-on-one discussions.  Rising Sun Express’s safety score puts them at the top 10% of their peers.

Open communication with peers, supervisors and top management is also important part of the overall team at Rising Sun Express.  Rising Sun Express employs 60 people including drivers, garage personnel and office staff.  Each dispatcher has at least twenty-five years of experience at utilizing drivers to their fullest within the hours of service guidelines.  More than half of the drivers and support staff have been with the company for more than five years and several have as long as 30 years.

Many customers of Rising Sun Express are long-term relationships.  Professional and 99.5% dependable on-time service keep these customers satisfied year after year.  With many variables beyond our control such as, weather, traffic delays and customer load changes, it is important to manage everything within our control as best as we can.  The team (and it takes everyone) works very well together at keeping the drivers and the equipment ready to roll.