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Ross Casting and Innovation LLC (“RCI”) has a long history with roots deeply planted in Sidney, Ohio.  Our Company dates back to 1931 when William A. Ross, Sr. started the Company in his garage in downtown Sidney.  Mr. Ross served as President until his death in 1960. William A. Ross, Jr., succeeded his father as President and enhanced his father’s legacy of quality castings, industrious people and a philosophy that says: 
  “. . . A Company is nothing more or less than a group of people who have voluntarily joined together in a common enterprise.  The things they build and produce are the result of the intrinsic character of the people themselves and the way they have responded to the challenges . . . of their times."

We are very grateful to the Ross family for all they have meant to our Company and the surrounding community.  The Ross name will forever be a part of the City of Sidney.

Today - RCI stands alone as a market leader in the production of cold side impellers for turbochargers serving world markets for commercial diesel and automotive engines.  Our name and products may have changed over the years, but our Company philosophy remains deeply connected with our founders.

 The future success of RCI will be the result of our ability to join together, ingenuity, team work, and individual contributions to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations.  Our customers provide us the opportunity to produce castings and earn a pay check.  We must always remember that our customers are the reason RCI exists.