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TSC is one of the oldest telecommunications organizations in West Central Ohio.  Dr. Franklin Crittenden Hunter was truly a pioneer when he founded the company (The Wapakoneta Telephone Company) on July 12, 1895.  In 1906, long distance lines were added and the company was connected with the lines of the Bell Company permitting our local customers to make long distance calls anywhere in the country.   In 1919, ground was broke for a two story building at 6 Willipie Street.    The new building officially opened on July 21, 1921.  Less than a year later, on April 18, 1922, the Wapakoneta Telephone Directors and stockholders sold and transferred its entire plant and assets to Telephone Service Company.  The newly named company, in its brand new building, continued to grow and prosper as did the rest of the country. 

On June 24, 1946, H. Winfield Hauss, President of Telephone Service Company passed away and the directors appointed Mrs. Besse Hause to fill the unexpired term  of Mr. Hauss as director of the company.  On May 9, 1947, the company became fully incorporated and the telephone plant and system at Cridersville was acquired. 

On September 17, 1955, a new Automatic Electric Step Central Office was installed, replacing the old North Electric step office which had been in service for 34 years.   In 1962, the Cridersville exchange was changed over to a new Automatic Electric Step office.  On June 1, 1964, Telephone Service Company cut into service Direct Distance Dialing.  DDD allowed customers to make long distance calls without going through the operator.  Custom calling features were installed in the 1970’s.  

In 1984, then President, Vince Hudson, announced a $2 million expansion program which would include a new digital central office.  On October 19, 1985, a new Northern Telecom digital switch was placed into service.  This ushered in the age of digital switching and computer driven equipment for TSC.  Equal access was installed in 1988, enabling customers to choose their long distance carrier.  Enhanced 911 was put into service in 1990.  Custom calling features such as call waiting, call forwarding, speed calling and three way calling were provided by the new DMS 100/200 switch installed in 1985.   Business customers enjoyed a new service called Centrex. In 1992, TSC placed it first fiber optic cable, connecting the Cridersville remote office and the Wapakoneta host office.  Since then, all toll connecting facilities  have been converted to fiber optic cable.  TSC is offering services such as ISDN and CLASS features. 

TSC also joined a consortium called ComNet which was designed to allow to offer services collectively with 18 other independent telephone companies.  The first project was to install Signal Transfer Points (STPs) in Wapakoneta and Kalida.  The second project was to provide local Internet access service throughout several counties in Ohio.   In 1998, TSC formed TSC-TV and offered Cable television services to our customers.  With the advancement of technology, TSC began to  offer  Cable modem and DSL services in the Internet arena .

In 2003, TSC expanded our traditional service area and became a “CLEC” in the St. Marys community offering Phone, Cable and Internet services via fiber to the home technology.  Today, we have expanded our service offerings to include HD and DVR services to our cable television customers.  We have also expanded our service area into Middlepoint, Van Wert and the Lima area.