Shaffer Metal Fab, Inc.

Shaffer Metal Fab, Inc.
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Located in Sidney Ohio, Shaffer Metal Fab. Inc. is a proactive, collaborative partner in metal fabrication, machining, powder coating, and engineering.

FABRICATION - The Shaffer fabrication capabilities list of services helps get the job done.

CUTTING – Whether it is with our CNC power band saw, laser, power hack saw, or the iron worker, we can cut your bar stock, angle, channel, or tubing within very strict tolerances.
LASERS – Our CNC lasers offer extreme accuracy and cost efficiency on a wide range of materials. Sheet sizes up to 60” wide can be cut with optimal nesting programs for greater material yields.
TURRET PRESSES – Our CNC turret presses are ideal for punching numerous holes in parts up to 1,000 hits per minute and can also accommodate sheet sizes up to 60” wide. Additionally, these machines have forming capabilities for such shapes as louvers, knock-outs, off-sets, stiffening ribs, and number and letter stamps.
PRESS BRAKES – Forming operations are performed on CNC press brakes for bends up to 14’ at 187 tons. The press brakes are equipped with a CNC 8-axis programmable back gaging system to assure part accuracy and repeatability.
WELDING – We use a variety of welding processes including MIG, TIG, flux core, spot welding and weld guns to satisfy any customer requirement.
INSERTION PRESSES – Our automatic self-feeding insertion presses can assemble or install self-clinching fasteners (nuts, stands, standoffs) into your sheet metal parts.


Our CNC milling and turning capabilities produce effective solutions for a wide variety of industrial and commercial needs. Programmed with CAD/CAM, these machines have the ability to machine virtually any material, from standard aluminum to extremely tough materials.

Our four-axis machining capabilities will work on either prototype or large production runs to create precise machined parts and components quickly and accurately. We operate using a variety of cutting tools which ensures exact specified shapes and dimensions for every component machined.

At Shaffer, our dedicated and skilled employees encompass many years of combined CNC machining experience.


  • Product enhancement and durability are what you get with Shaffer’s state-of-the-art powder coat operation. Finishes are available in a wide range of colors, glosses and textures.
  • An automatic pretreatment washer with iron phosphate and our life-extending non-chrome sealant maximizes your corrosion protection.
  • Separate dry-off and curing ovens with programmed individual temperature controls allow maximum flexibility when powder coating your parts. Air in the curing oven is filtered to eliminate air borne contaminants from compromising the finish.
  • Powder is applied to the parts in a temperature and humidity controlled environmental room to ensure optimum conditions and quality all year round.
  • Powder is applied with an eight gun automatic Nordson spray booth capable of handling long runs with uniform consistency while manual guns are used for short runs and samples.
  • Consider Shaffer as your one-stop shop from raw metal stock to finished components when sourcing your metal requirements. Contact us for a quote today. We look forward to working with you on your next project.