Pivotal Business Solutions

Pivotal Business Solutions
  • 4378 Philothea Rd
  • Coldwater, OH, 45828
  • 419-852-9048

Pivotal Business Solutions is a consulting and training company for the workplace that is devoted to helping businesses and organizations adapt, prosper and manage the ever-changing demands and challenges companies face each and every day.  We are committed to helping your business grow and exceed expectations by developing both the people and processes that make up your organization.

We offer the following:

  • Business & marketing consultation
  • Assessment and integration of processes & software tools
  • Training and development
  • Seminars and workshops
  • And much more

Our company has a versatile background, and has seen the success of companies who grow and develop their people and processes to greatly improve the overall growth and performance of an organization. This experience includes:

  • Business and marketing analytics
  • Sales and profitability management
  • Price setting/guidance and price management
  • Discovering new business opportunities
  • Implementing strategies & growing market share
  • Software implementation and integration
  • Best practices/process improvements
  • Corporate training and development

To inquire more about our services, please contact Michelle at mclune.pivotal@gmail.com