City of Greenville

City of Greenville
  • 100 Public Square
  • Greenville, OH, 45331
  • 937-548-1819

The Municipal Building for the City of Greenville is not only where the City Council gathers for public meetings, but also contains the offices of the Mayor, Safety/Service Director, City Auditor and City Treasurer; and serves as a home base to both the Fire and Police Departments . In addition, these city officials also oversee the following departments: Income Tax, Greenville Transit System, Parks and Recreation, Planning & Zoning, Street, Water, and Waste Water.


The Auditor’s Office oversees all financial transactions of the city.

Fire Department

The mission of the Greenville Fire Department is to protect the citizens of the City of Greenville and their property from the ravages of fires and explosions, the threat of hazardous material releases and any other emergencies or disasters, man-made or natural, that pose a threat to their health, welfare, and safety in cooperation with other emergency response agencies where and when assistance may be needed.

Income Tax

The purpose of the Income Tax Department is to prepare tax documents, collect tax payments, and more.

Parks and Recreation

The mission of the Greenville Parks and Recreation Department is to improve the quality of life by providing diversified leisure programs and facilities while utilizing and conserving our community's natural areas.

Planning and Zoning

The Planning and Zoning Department is responsible for the design, bid preparation, construction, and administration of public capitol improvements by the city.

Police Department

The mission of the Greenville Police Department is to create a safe and comfortable community in which all people can live, work and visit.

IT Department

Information Technology is responsible for all aspects of technology for the City of Greenville. This includes software/hardware implementation and support, phone systems, mobile connectivity, and end user training.

Street Department

The Street Department encompasses snow removal, storm sewer services, and more.

Greenville Transit System

The Greenville Transit System is a public transportation system open to all residence and visitors of Greenville.

Water Billing

All billing and requests for service related to city water are handled by the water billing department.

Water Plant & Waste Water Plant

Plant personnel oversee all aspects of the city's daily water and waste water operations at the outpost locations.