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Mercer Health
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  • Coldwater, OH, 45828
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Mercer Health is dedicated to supporting the health of residents of Mercer County and its surrounding communities. Mercer Health is committed to assuming a leadership role in providing healthcare of the highest quality including wellness, education, prevention and restoration. Mercer Health employs nearly 700 employees in a total of eight locations throughout Mercer County including Mercer County Community Hospital located in Coldwater, Community Medical Center and Urgent Care Center located in Celina, Mercer Health Home Care located in Celina and five physician offices located in Celina, Coldwater, St. Henry and Ft. Recovery.


Mercer Health provides comprehensive healthcare in a variety of settings through a variety of services including direct clinical care and support services. Areas of direct clinical care include; Emergency Services, Laboratory Services, Radiology/Imaging Services, Rehabilitation Services, Surgical Services, Inpatient Services, Home Care and many more. Areas of support services would include; Information Systems, Plant Operations, Materials Management, Communications and Marketing, Education Services, Health Records Management, Nutrition Services, Volunteer Services, Patient Accounts and Financial Services, Human Resources and many more.


Mercer Health provides many tangible benefits which can be found listed below.  Mercer Health also provides the intangible benefits of serving the community in a warm and caring atmosphere.

  • Health, Life, Dental, Disability and Vision Insurance
  • Retirement Benefits
  • Sick Pay
  • Vacation, Holiday and Personal Days
  • Work-Life Programs and Family Medical Leave
  • Health Care Flexible Spending Accounts
  • Tuition Reimbursement


Mercer Health will fill an average of 40 positions in each of the next five years. All opportunities will be located in Mercer County.


Mercer Health relies on many non-clinical employees, as well as clinical employees, to provide quality healthcare services throughout the Mercer County area. A sample of positions at Mercer Health is listed below. Positions that are more difficult to fill include physicians, nurse practitioners, intensive care RNs, general maintenance staff and unit secretaries.

  • 160 Nursing positions (examples: Critical Care Nurse, Medical/Surgical Nurse, Nurse Supervisor) – All nursing positions require a RN licensure
  • 100 Professional and Technical positions (examples: Physician, Radiology Technician, Pharmacy Technician, Laboratory Technicians, Surgery Technicians, Surgery Scrubbers, Information Technology Specialists, Data Analysts and Coders) – Most technical positions require 2 and 4 year degrees specific to the position
  • 75 Administrative Positions (examples: Administrative Assistant, Unit Secretary, Medical Office Assistant) – Most administrative positions require 2 and 4 year degrees in areas, such as Medical Office Assisting, specific to the position
  • 40 Management Positions (examples: Fiscal Services Director, Health Records Director, Patient Accounts Director) – Management positions require specialized education in individual areas, specific to the position
  • 105 Service Positions (examples: Housekeeper, Nursing Assistant, Cook, Ambulance Transport) – Many service positions require technical education specific to the position

Skills and capabilities can vary significantly by discipline. However general skills applicable to most positions include computer skills, ability to work in team environment and mathematical skills.


Positions available at Mercer Health can be found at