MPA Services

MPA Services
  • 909 E. Wayne St
  • Celina , OH, 45822
  • 567-890-7500

MPA Services is a home healthcare providor for individuals with developmental disabilities and our philosophy is simple.  We believe there is a better way to care for people.  We want to raise the bar of what people should expect from their service providers.  There are many things that MPA Services does that other agencies do not placing our company in a position to truly provide better services.  Some of these things include:

  • 24/7 on-call nursing
  • Free annual home health assessments completed by the MPA Services’ Nurse
  • Free quarterly in-home assessments completed by the MPA Services’ Social Worker
  • Employee personality matching to the individuals they serve
  • More thorough training and observation time prior to caring for an individual
  • Monthly employee attendance bonuses
  • Consistent employee schedules
  • Aggressive employee pay and benefits
  • More detailed and specific data sheets to promote accuracy and delivery of services

While there is a great deal of sacrifice and significant financial investment to implement these types of things, we believe they are necessary to ensure the best possible care.  MPA Services is solely focused on providing care to the people we serve and what they need, not on profit margins. It is one of the many aspects that separates us from other companies.

In 2012 we conducted a survey.  One question simply asked guardians and parents, “Does MPA Services truly provide better care than any other agency your loved one has previously received services?”  We achieved 100% on that question.  One parent wrote “Infinitely Better” in the margin next to that question.  We are not perfect and we will make plenty of mistakes along the way. But we are passionate about the fact that there is a better way to provide care and services to people and it is a goal we continually strive to meet.