Sycamore Group Begins Renovation of Former New Idea Office Building

Posted On: September 24, 2015

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Coldwater, OH – Sycamore Group of Coldwater is announcing the first phase of renovating the former New Idea office building. The Sycamore Group has longer term plans of renovating the entire 70,000 square feet of this building for office space to attract businesses to the Coldwater area.

In the first phase of this renovation, Sycamore Group is renovating 17,000 square feet of the building to house offices for Totally, which will more than double their present office space in Celina, OH. Syc_Ext6The plans of the renovation are to keep some of the characteristics of the old New Idea building intact, such as the exposed ceiling beams, the support columns, and the interior brick facade. The interior of the building will have an open office concept along with a photography and videography studio, multiple teleconference rooms, and numerous mini-meeting areas within the open concept. The space will also have a 1,750 square foot indoor/outdoor cafe area for Totally’s employees to use.

The exterior of the building will also receive a complete facelift, including a paved and landscaped parking lot for approximately 100 vehicles.

Renovations for this first phase of work are expected to be completed sometime in the winter of 2016.Syc_Ext8

Totally was founded in 1993 under the name of Casad Company Inc., which was a distributor of promotional products. Throughout the last 7 years Casad Company Inc. has transitioned into Totally, an online retailer/manufacturer of imprinted promotional items.

Totally recently expanded in July of 2015 and added an additional 45,000 square feet of manufacturing space. With this addition, Totally has a 160,000 square foot manufacturing space located in the old New Idea building in Coldwater. Total employment for Totally has reached 239 employees in 2015.

Presently, Totally manufactures and distributes approximately 600 promotional items, and this expansion will allow them to increase their product offering to

around 900 items by the end of 2015. To account for this increase, Totally will add 50 to 60 new manufacturing employees.

Totally currently has a staff of 45 people working in their Celina, OH offices, and expanding and moving their offices to Coldwater will allow for double the space to expand on their marketing, graphic design, photography/videography, and administrative team. The increased space of the new offices will allow Totally to hire 10-15 more employees for these positions to continue the growth of the company. It will also allow Totally to be closer to their manufacturing facility which is currently located in the Coldwater building.

There are many people, businesses, and organizations that Totally would like to thank for their hard work and support to make this expansion possible. First off, Totally would like to thank their hard working employees who have helped with the success of the company and made the growth of the company possible. They would also like to thank the Sycamore Group, Dan Bruns, the County Commissioners, Mercer County Community Development, and Jared Ebbing. Totally would also like to thank the Village of Coldwater, Eric Thomas, and First Financial Bank.