Hometown Healthcare’s Impact on Local Economy and Local Way of Life

Posted On: January 30, 2013

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For over 60 years the Mercer Health organization has played an important role on the local economy and local way of life.  According to recent releases from the Ohio Hospital Association and the American Hospital Association, hospitals are major employers and important economic engines in the communities they serve.

“Hometown Healthcare is important for so many reasons,” states Mindy Kremer, Marketing Coordinator at Mercer Health.  “Not only does Mercer Health provide local accessibility to quality healthcare for our community but it also provides for nearly 600 local jobs and supports a multitude of other local businesses through the purchase of goods and services.”

Kremer continues, “As a hometown healthcare provider, we are devoted to providing quality healthcare services from inpatient care to education, prevention and outreach services.  But, our greatest honor is providing for our community’s way of life.  We want to thank the community for allowing us to care and provide for them for the past 60 plus years and we have a commitment to continue that tradition in the future.”

Mercer Health’s role as a healthcare leader is evidenced in the summation of care provided in the past year, including:

  • 346 Births
  • 1,913 Inpatient Admissions
  • 10,518 Emergency Room Visit
  • 4,429 Surgical Procedures
  • 3,686 Home Care Visits
  • 75 Physicians, including the establishment of 3 new physicians
  • 600 Employees
  • Over 4,000 Community Members served at Community Outreach events


“As indicated by recent reports released by AHA (American Hospital Association) and OHA (Ohio Hospital Association), hometown healthcare really equates to healthier economies and healthier communities which really means we at Mercer Health provide our community with a healthier way of life,” concludes Kremer.

For more information, visit www.mercer-health.com