From the Desk of Jared Ebbing – a Update

Posted On: February 10, 2013

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Where does the time go?  It’s already February 2013 and it seems as though the Hometown Opportunity site was just launched yesterday.  Actually, it’s existed for just over two months, and what a two months it has been!

Thanks to the support of our area businesses, schools, communities, as well as to the residents (current and former) that follow the site; the response to this initiative has been amazing (and is growing)!

Without a lot of promotion thus far (other than word of mouth and presentations given), the website has nearly 800 people signed up/subscribed.  In addition, we have over 600 people who have liked our Facebook page to keep track of our news, updates, events, and job postings. To subscribe to updates, click here and to like us on Facebook, click here.

Since November 21st, we have been posting many great jobs/career opportunities (over 90 to date!) onto the website.  These jobs aren’t just posted to the site, but they are also emailed out every week to everyone that has subscribed to the job posting updates for the particular career field they’ve selected (you can do the same by clicking here).  This has proven to be a very popular and powerful tool for our job creators and searchers alike.  As a testament to its success, many companies that have posted jobs have already requested that they be taken back down as they have already been filled. And in some cases, Hometown Opportunity was the only place they posted the job. It only takes 2 minutes to submit a job on our site. Get started now by clicking here.

More than just a jobs board, the website itself is a ‘hometown career awareness’ tool which is aimed at helping everyone within our community better connect and align themselves to that career they’ve been dreaming about (right here at home!).  To increase awareness of all the great companies/opportunities we have in this region, the company snapshots within “Key Industries” tab of the site have proven to be very popular as well.  Now, Schools (guidance staff, teachers, and students) are able to pull up, download, and learn more about what amazing things our companies truly do every day.

Over the past two months, I have been given the opportunity to speak to the senior classes at numerous schools including Fort Recovery, Coldwater, and New Bremen.  It has been a wonderful experience to see how much of an impact we can have on our student’s perceptions of this area (and their potential for great careers here) after just 40 minutes per class.  I believe this goes to the power of the message and website itself in that having access to the right tools (company information) can often times make all the difference.  Now, think what constant communication and interaction with our young people could do for this area in the future?

In order to increase our success rate, we still need help in building a larger content and audience base.  We still need help in getting every remaining local business within our Key Industry Sectors to provide content and become part of the site.  In addition, we would like to continue to post news, events, and updates from our communities, schools, and companies that are relevant to this endeavor.  By increasing our audience to anyone that lives (or has ever lived in this area with a desire to return), we all win.  We need your help in doing so…. Encourage your friends and family to not just visit the site, but also to sign up/subscribe to the site for updates and job postings.  For those on Facebook, help us spread the word by sharing/liking/commenting on our posts as this will help spread the word virally to more and more people.

To date, approximately 2,400 people per week are seeing our Facebook page and there have been nearly 4,800 visits to the website with approximately 28,000 page views within the site.  These are impressive numbers, but we haven’t even scratched the surface yet!  With the help of our companies, we’re going to do more promotion and external communications in the form of banners, billboards, commercials, etc.  We believe the more people we have to connect with, is good for us all within each of our hometown communities.  We want to keep those communities together and remain strong!

For questions, comments, or suggestions please email us at We really appreciate it.