Cheeseman LLC Sends Techs for Training

Posted On: January 29, 2013

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Cheeseman LLC has converted its entire road fleet to the 2013 Navistar ProStar Plus trucks equipped with MaxxForce engines and Eaton Ultra-Shift transmissions.  The engines differ from the prior fleet and are a new design and technology.   To prepare, in 2012 their maintenance technicians were enrolled in Navistar’s on-line training course completing over 25 hours of prerequisite work to prepare for hands-on training at the manufacturer’s facility.  The technicians were then able to participate in a three day of hands-on training at the Navistar Training Center in Alsip, IL.  As of February 1st four technicians have successfully complete the requirements for the Dealer Education course for 2007-2010 MaxxForce 11 and 13 liter engines.  Each technician completing the training received certification to become warranty technicians to work on Navistar engines.  Cheeseman will have five other maintenance technicians attend the training by mid-year.  By having the technicians certified it provides the technicians the knowledge and skills to diagnose and repair at company owned facilities.  Having the resources to perform the work in-house improves equipment utilization and reduces costs. To learn more, visit