Celina Tent Completes 27,500 Square Foot Expansion

Posted On: November 2, 2015

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Celina Tent, world leader in the industrial textile market, completes 27,500 square foot expansion

CELINA, OH / ACCESSWIRE / October 28, 2015 / Celina Tent Inc., world leading manufacturer of tents, tarpaulin, and agricultural curtains, has completed its latest expansion. It is estimated that an additional 5 to 12 jobs will be added at the Celina, Ohio manufacturing facility as a result. This $2.1 million dollar expansion was financed through the Mercer County Ohio Economic Development Loan Fund and the Small Business Administration. With over 27,500 square feet of additional manufacturing space, Celina’s recent addition allows completion of large-scale, quick-turnaround projects. Equipped with the materials and production power to create much needed PVC products, all product lines are benefiting from the increased floor space, truck docks and coordination of valuable resources. All told, Celina’s total manufacturing floor space now eclipses 89,500 square feet, allowing more room to make quality and custom items for all of Celina Industries valued business sectors.

Celina Tent manufactures party tents for the rental industry, military tents to house the warfighter, inflatable decontamination systems, spill containment berms and returnable bags for the automotive industry. Inventory of these products is stored and shipped from Celina Tent’s Distribution Center which is located in Coldwater, Ohio and is manned by 5 additional employees.

Worldwide humanitarian efforts are supported by Celina through the production of the Humanitarian General Purpose Tent System (HGPTS) for FEMA. The HGPTS was successfully deployed during the tsunami in American Samoa, earthquake in Nepal and used as temporary hospitals during the Ebola crisis in Africa. In October of 2015, Celina produced 1.9 million square feet of tarpaulin to be used by UNICEF for Syrian refugee relief efforts.

In an effort to expand product offerings, Celina will soon be producing Agri-Barrier ventilation curtains for swine, poultry and dairy barns. Triple Stitch Technology is an innovative patent pending sewing method that will allow Celina to produce more durable and longer lasting curtains to be used in agriculture settings. These ventilation curtains will be manufactured using both PVC and Polyethylene. Agri-Barrier barn curtains will be offered in sizes to fit most applications, including chicken barns, cattle barns, hog barns and greenhouses.

Since its founding in 1996, Celina Tent has quickly become a world leader in the industrial textile market. Celina Tent is a privately held, family owned company that employs approximately 75 people.

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Organization: Celina Tent
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SOURCE: Celina Tent

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