Celina Insurance Group, Montgomery Give Back to Community Through Field Renovations

Posted On: July 11, 2013

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Many companies dedicate their time and donate their money to giving back to the communities in which they live. That is nothing new for Celina Insurance Group and its CEO Bill Montgomery, who was recently featured in IN magazine, a publication produced by the National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies (NAMIC). The article focuses on the broader idea of various companies giving back and participating in charitable events. In 2011, many companies within the mutual insurance industry donated a combined $500,000 to those in need. Celina Insurance Group was just one of them.

The article goes on to say “…giving back to the communities mutual insurers call home is about more than just handing over a check to worthy causes; it’s about getting out in the community, making a difference, and adding to the spirit of camaraderie within the industry and the community at large.” And that’s just what Bill Montgomery did when he helped renovate Montgomery Field in Celina.

Read more about Montgomery’s contribution in the renovation of Montgomery Field and his involvement with the community by clicking here.