Career Tech Center’s new signage promotes county-wide efforts

Posted On: February 20, 2014

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GREENVILLE – The Greenville Career Tech Center at Greenville High School is evolving to fit the needs of the county’s workforce, and part of that includes a new branding effort for the facility, said Marc Saluk, Darke County Economic Development director.

Greenville Career Tech CenterDarke County has been striving to meet the county’s workforce needs, including creating partnerships to benefit all facets of the workforce, Saluk said. Greenville City Schools, as well as the other districts in the county, have been a big part of the effort to make sure that Darke County doesn’t run out of a viable employee source, through Partnering for Progress (P4P), and they intend to continue the forward momentum, Saluk stated.

“I really appreciate our partnership – it’s a collaborative effort, and we’re excited to move forward with our efforts,” Dave Peltz, Greenville’s CTC director.

On Wednesday, new signage went up at the Greenville Career Tech Center, including a sign for the Darke County Workforce Center, a training facility that will eventually be used by many members of Darke County’s workforce, including current students, under-employed and under-skilled workers, and those who may already have a job, but need more skills to continue to advance, Saluk said.

“The district has taken on a role in partnership with our workforce development efforts because they do understand that the programs in place now are designed to impact the entire county,” Saluk noted. “This shows their commitment to the larger community that they’re willing to sacrifice some of their self-identity in the title to make sure it’s properly conveyed that the facility is for the use of the entire county in terms of workforce skills.”

For Greenville City Schools, it’s all really about education and reaching those who need it.

“Our main goal is to provide quality affordable training to meet the needs of our local area in education and business and industry; that’s our overarching goal, so however we can help do that, that’s what we’re striving to do. We’re very excited to be able to enhance our facilities to add a bigger sense of pride, it’s a nice touch, I think. It’s a place we’re proud of, and this helps to build on that,” Peltz added.

This collaborative effort makes the county stronger as a whole, Peltz commented. The new signage gives the facility an updated look, he said, to “help bring the whole picture together.” Along with the signage, there will eventually be more physical changes to the building, said Saluk.

“It’s hard to know how fast the actual physical changes will occur, because that depends on outside sources…but eventually it will look different,” Saluk stated. “You can’t increase the amount of programs for students, and open the center to students in the rest of the county, and add an entire adult workforce training curriculum without needing more space for classes, labs and equipment.”

Saluk is hopeful that the programs will continue to grow to meet the county’s workforce training needs, as well, he said.

“Hopefully we can continue to develop a full compliment of adult classes available for incumbent workers for local, affordable and customizable skills training, and of course for under-skilled, underemployed workers to help get them back into the working world,” Saluk shared. “That’s all going to happen because of the cooperation of Greenville City Schools, that we have a place to center all of those activities. I know everyone involved in P4P couldn’t be more pleased about the arrangement.”